It seems the fish would generally agree that the quality of your bait can determine the success of your fishing trip. We always have the highest quality of "what's been working" in stock. We are picky about our bait and will sell only the best and freshest available.

Herring, Anchovy, Octopus, Roe and Worms—whatever you preferówe will always have it for you! Our huge walk-in freezer guarantees we stay well supplied.

Our locally-caught herring is stored in a net pen, then vacuum sealed to maintain the highest quality. If herring is starved before it is processed, the fish will be more streamlined and have firmer flesh, making a nice "roll" easier to achieve and the bait longer lasting.

Our worms are delivered to us fresh once a week so when you get them they are firm and active.

We also carry pellet bait and assorted oils to pull in the prawns and crab. We know that our bait will tempt whatever you're after—salmon, trout, steelhead, halibut, ling cod, rockfish, crab or prawnsóbecause we make sure it's what they're looking for. The fish will definitely agree.