Being comfortable outdoors will be of the utmost importance to your outdoor experience. Sun, rain, heat and cold – here in Campbell River and on Vancouver island in general, we can have it all in the course of a single day and you need to be prepared for whatever the coastal elements might throw at you. Plus, it never hurts to look good despite the 3-day growth on your chin! We have a full line of clothing that will make you look good as well as keep you warm and dry.

We specialize in a variety of raingear, as well as tailored outdoor wear designed for this climate. If your toes are cold or you're sweating because of too much bulk, we can offer you the clothes appropriate for the weather and whatever outdoor activity you have in mind. Layering is the key and we carry a large selection of base layer, mid-layer and outer wear that you can take on or off as the day changes. Hats too! Bell caps, rubber sou'easter hats, light straw hats and Tilly Endurables—we got your head covered.

Our huge selection of Camo clothing will keep you comfortable in the field. From lightweight Camo for spring and summer to heavy windproof & waterproof Camo for the dead of winter. We have it all!

And don't forget - Safety First… we have all kinds of flotation vests and jackets, infant to large adult. Dog vests, too! For people we carry 1-piece cruiser suits, 2 piece bib-pant and jacket as well as inflatable collars and vests.

Once you own some of this fine clothing, it is important to take care of it to insure maximum warmth, waterproofing and durability. If your high-end, waterproof, breathable outerwear is starting to leak a bit, it's probably due for a wash and a re-proofing treatment with products specifically designed for the type of clothing. Gore-Tex, leather or canvas, we have the cleaners and conditioners you need. Hunters, if you're after scent elimination, we have detergent designed to rid your clothes of any tell-tale scents.

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