Saltwater Fishing


River Sportsman in Campbell River offers the largest selection of saltwater fishing gear on Vancouver Island. Saltwater fishing is our specialty-- but it is our service that sets us apart. Our staff understands your passion for fishing because it's our passion too.

In fact, River Sportsman employees would "rather be fishing" and have likely fished every inlet and stretch of ocean, every river and stream on and around Vancouver Island. And second only to being there, they are eager to share their knowledge and experience-- Yeah, we like to talk fishing.

Ask any one of our staff what's running, or where they're biting, and you'll get the most up-to-date information available. We'll show you on the map where to go, or where experience tells us it might be good tomorrow morning. We stay apprised of area fishing regulations for salmon, halibut, lingcod, rock cod, snapper and sea-run cutthroat. We can offer tips on where to drop your crab and prawn traps. Ask us. We are a hub for sport fishing news on North Vancouver Island, the West Coast and the Inside Passage.

If it's about fishing around Campbell River, we know about it and have probably tried it. And we will be glad to tell you all about it as well as provide you with whatever you need: hoochies, flashers, spoons, plugs, jigs, bait and all the supplies for successful salmon fishing.

Get the Gear and Get the Fish

The right equipment can make your fishing trip more successful... and a whole lot more fun! River Sportsman has the saltwater rods and reels that are right for you and the way you like to fish. We have a full line, from high-end single action reels to inexpensive level-winds. Trolling, jigging, casting or mooching, we can outfit you with what you'll need. If it's prawns or crabs you're after, we carry a full line of traps, line and buoys.

We can outfit your boat, too, with downriggers, sounders, GPS's and mounts as well as your choice from a huge selection of tackle, line, hooks, flashers and everything else it takes to bring home the trophies. Also weights from 1-ounce trolling to 20 lb. cannon balls.

And be prepared! Don't forget the right safety equipment: flotation vests and jackets, inflatables and cruiser suits. We also carry accessories such as knives and pliers and almost anything else you can think of that you might need for your saltwater expedition.

Most of all, we offer our expertise. We can help you decide what supplies will be the most useful, what might work the best for you and, if you need help, how to use your new equipment. The staff at River Sportsman want you to have great fishing, and we will do our level best to help make it happen!

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